Celebrating Space – National Science Week 2016

Zac ChandlerWow! It has been such an exciting week for Science at Russell Scott.image3 (2)

The theme of our Science week was ‘Space Exploration’ and I would like to thank all those children, parents and carers who took time out of their week to celebrate space exploration.


IMG_4278From dressing up to model making, from space buggies to space pictures and  from star gazing to fizzy rockets, our children have had lots of fun at home and school with the space science activities suggested.

Nia Malloy space rocket paclIt has been a pleasure to open the Science hotline emails every day – thank you again!


The video below gives a taster of some of the super things you have been up to a home.



Some of our top Science home science videos will appear below in the week of the 20th March.


Thank you again to everyone who gave up time to celebrate the week with us.


Science @Manchester University

A group of Year5/6 pupils visited Manchester University to take part in science exhibitions/ demonstrations. We asked questions and listened carefully as the lecturers and students explained how scientists work hard and use science to make our everyday lives easier, cheaper, safer and more fun!

Watch this video to see what we got up to:



Here We Go! Science Week 2016 is here!

On Friday, my assembly introduced our SPACE theme for this year’s science week focus. In school, all children will learn about Tim Peake’s current mission in space and will be involved in space linked science activities.  In the assembly children were introduced to some rocket themed activities to try at home with an adult which is becoming a traditional part of our Science Week celebrations.

We hope you will join us by taking part in some activities at home – the Science hotline will be open until midnight on Sun 20th so you can still join in next weekend. After this, a compilation video will be made to allow us to celebrate and share all your home activities which will be posted on the blog.

Courtney and LuarenI am very excited to see all of your home activities! I have already had some smashing photos of your activities; thank you to these early entrants, you have helped brighten up our blog already.

Thank you to parents/ carers in advance for your support/ involvement.  Mrs W-Y

Don’t forget the hotline is :science@russellscott.tameside.sch.uk

Below is the letter that was sent home and some of the links provided/ mentioned to children in assembly.

Parent’s LETTER for science week 2016 codie


http://rigb.org/experimental   – fizzy rocket bottle




Astronaut Information

Newsround (drinking in space and other clips)

Look inside astronaut book

Astronaut Information Ks 2




Science Week 2016

BSW-Logo-en-327x327It is that time of year again!

As a school,  we are going to use Tim Peake’s mission into space to encourage the children to consider what life is like for an astronaut, learn more about space/rockets and help the children recognise the wide number of careers available to them that link with science.

At the end of the week, we hope to tweet Tim Peake so he can look at our Science blog and see what children all across school have been doing.

aa space

Just like last year, we would love to know how your family gets involved and ask if you could send a couple of photos or a video of the activities you do in so we can share them with the school.  Please don’t forget to include your child’s full name and class so they can get a certificate for taking part. Our Science Hotlines:


Video uploads should be sent to:




Wow! What An Amazing Week

2BSW-Logo-en-327x327We have had a fabulous time celebrating National Science Week – both in and out of school!

We need to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped support the children with activities at home – your efforts have been amazing! The children have really enjoyed themselves and I hope you will continue to help children see the Science in our world that surrounds them. Every child who sent an email sharing their work with school will receive a certificate in assembly too.


The ANIMOTO VIDEO  below gives you just a flavour of the fabulous activities that children have been doing at home

– I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s amazing!

Some children created videos to share their home experiments with us.

These videos are fabulous and again thank you to the parents/ carers who have supported us with their time and enthusiasm!

Our ‘Science hotline’ has closed now but for those of you who want to continue your home experiments here is the original letter with the useful web links on for you.

3    Parent’s LETTER for science week 2015

To inspire you further, here are the TOP TEN of the videos sent in by our budding scientists. TOP TEN HOME SCIENCE VIDEOS …. COMING SOON