Science Week 2016

BSW-Logo-en-327x327It is that time of year again!

As a school,  we are going to use Tim Peake’s mission into space to encourage the children to consider what life is like for an astronaut, learn more about space/rockets and help the children recognise the wide number of careers available to them that link with science.

At the end of the week, we hope to tweet Tim Peake so he can look at our Science blog and see what children all across school have been doing.

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Just like last year, we would love to know how your family gets involved and ask if you could send a couple of photos or a video of the activities you do in so we can share them with the school.  Please don’t forget to include your child’s full name and class so they can get a certificate for taking part. Our Science Hotlines:   

Video uploads should be sent to:



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