Celebrating Space – National Science Week 2016

Zac ChandlerWow! It has been such an exciting week for Science at Russell Scott.image3 (2)

The theme of our Science week was ‘Space Exploration’ and I would like to thank all those children, parents and carers who took time out of their week to celebrate space exploration.


IMG_4278From dressing up to model making, from space buggies to space pictures and  from star gazing to fizzy rockets, our children have had lots of fun at home and school with the space science activities suggested.

Nia Malloy space rocket paclIt has been a pleasure to open the Science hotline emails every day – thank you again!


The video below gives a taster of some of the super things you have been up to a home.



Some of our top Science home science videos will appear below in the week of the 20th March.


Thank you again to everyone who gave up time to celebrate the week with us.



  1. Some fantastic excperiments looks like everyone has great fun investigating science and space exploration xx

  2. I wish I’d had this much fun at school! Looks like you all had a blast!! xx

  3. Great animoto. Maybe some future astonauts with all these creative experiments . Keep enjoying science.

  4. Fantastic experiments well done everyone!

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